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Monday, April 30, 2012

Trip coming up...

In a couple of days, I'm flying to Phoenix to visit relatives and work with Mukee Okan, with whom I'm creating a new course on Sexual Transmutation. Then I'm driving to Los Angeles to hike with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle--a great time to brainstorm ideas, and then on Saturday I'm getting together with friends and family--especially my darling daughter Nicki--to see AVENGERS at Universal Citiwalk at 1:15 Saturday the 5th. Then back to Phoenix, and home.
Did you see it? Did you catch in the above comments the presence of the Mastermind principle?
Here we go:
1) My work with Mukee. While I've studied sexual magic, I'm not an expert. Mukee is. I am going to put everything I know about the project on a stack of 3x5 cards, and then brainstorm with her to fill in the lines, create new cards and create a "flow chart" of production of the product.
2) Larry and Jerry were and are two of the titans in the SF field. My career took a huge leap forward by working with them.
3) We must re-charge our batteries. The AVENGERS is a tip of the hat to my own younger self--deliberately seeking out an entertainment that makes the 12 year old Steve turn handsprings with pleasure. Seeing it with my daughter allows me to double this--she's 26, but can access that "child" space effortlessly. This is gonna be great.
4) I have family in Phoenix, and will probably see them the Monday before I return home. Sharing love with those who nurtured you before you had anything to contribute is a way of connecting to the source of life.
5) I'll probably see other friends and business associates while I am there.

Do you see the web of associations I'm nurturing? Business, creative, personal? Can you see where I'm acknowledging the fact that NONE of us can reach the heights of success without help? Friendship, family, business, creative, childhood, adulthood...I'm nurturing EVERYTHING.

And I hope you're doing the same.


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