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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

11 Reasons to Mastermind

11 Things a Mastermind alliance can do for you:

1) It is the only known way to compensate for lack of intelligence, resources, talent, or education.
2) Striving toward a goal can be lonely.
3) A partner or Mastermind group is a fantastic sounding board for your ideas.
4) Brainstorming problems is the fastest way to a solution
5) A writing group gives you a sample audience to gauge reactions and offer critique
6) A mastermind group will give you a sense of potential market response
7) If your primary partner is also an intimate partner, sex is a fantastic way to work through disappointment, restore enthusiasm, and reward each other for a good day's work.
8) You can call members of your group for encouragement when you are feeling low.
9) Members of your group will also need help, allowing you the pleasure of contributing to others.
10) Members of your group will have already tested techniques, services, goods and personal resources, saving you time and energy.
11) Your "Diamond Hour" can include a conference call to members of your Mastermind. A five-minute check in of goals and daily "to-dos" can be a lifesaver.

The value of the "Mastermind" in creating a bountiful life cannot be overstated. If you have at least ONE person to share your dreams with, you probably double your chances of reaching your highest good. We're going deeper.

Creating a writing group? Have your friends
so you'll all be writing on the same page!

If you want to create your own partnership/Mastermind,
start by giving three friends access to these ideas. Just forward
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