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Friday, January 13, 2012

TAGR #6: Organized Planning


"No man can get rich himself without enriching others"--Earl Nightengale

I'm having fun with this series, because it's forcing me to revisit lessons my mother played for me, and taught me, when I was a kid. Wow. Listening to TAGR and other audios just sends me back...

Anyway, the Sixth Principle of the amazing "Think And Grow Rich" is "Organized Planning." One way to put this is that if you

1) Know exactly what you want and

2) Find role models who have accomplished (roughly) what you wish to accomplish, starting from (roughly) where you are beginning and

3) Analyze their actions, thoughts and emotions, you will emotions

you will begin to understand the price to be paid for your dreams. If this price is in alignment with your values, and you are prepared to commit to them, then do, with all your heart.

Hill here suggests that you tap into the power of the "Master Mind"--at least one partner with whom you can plan your dreams in perfect harmony. Having such a partner can be the most important step you take as you seek to change your life.

What if you can't find anyone? Then you will have to learn to trust yourself, and tap into your own inner guardians, a process you will explore in great depth in the 101 PROGRAM

"The 101 Program changed my life. It SAVED my life!"--LaVeda Mason

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