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Monday, January 23, 2012

TAGR #10: Sex Transmutation

My favorite principle, and by far the most controversial aspect of the entire program. When TAGR was first published, this chapter had to have been an absolute scandal. Subsequent editions oten pruned this chapter, most commentaries ignore it, and some of the "modern" versions are woefully inadequate.

Basically through interview, study and observation of famous, successful men (and a few women) Hill came to the conclusion that, among other things:

1) "Sex Transmutation" is the ability to adapt sexual energy into creative inspiration and work.

2) Men rarely reach their peak of productiveness before their 50's, due to their wasting of this energy.

3) The combined emotions of faith, love, and sex create a tsunami of motivation and action.

It astounds me that this chapter ever got written. Even more that the staggering implications have sat in plain sight for eighty years, and are so rarely discussed.

The simple interpretation is that sex is a powerful emotion, representing the most powerful positive sensation the human nervous system can process. "Anchoring" this energy to the tasks one must accomplish to reach goals is a no-brainer.

A more esoteric interpretation includes models of human sexuality from yoga, Tantrism, Native American practices and others, suggesting that the intensity of an orgasm is in direct proportion to the amount of ego one releases at the moment of truth. The thought of using sex to access deeper and higher consciousness has been taught for centuries...but not in the West.

We're going to revisit this later, I promise!


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Unknown said...

For more indepth information regarding "Esoteric Sexual practices" you may be interested to read my complimentary article?:

J said...

Self Love?
Single, celibate (until ready for likely marriage), and afraid of intimate relationships (I'm making progress on that, Steve- going out in groups, even had a few one on one hangouts with guys in the group).
Reading TAGR, and coming across this I wondered- how to implement in my own life? My answer was to try holding a goal in mind during ...well, this single celibate lady's favorite time of night!

The goal I chose? I am healthy, wealthy, in a beautiful home, embraced by a beautiful lover & pregnant! lol. :)

I realized a few years ago, celibacy safe-guarded my fragile health & improved my stage performances-but only when I was balanced, and that balance usually required some, ahem... personal attention. But when it was in place, I also noticed daily, a more even temperament and improved overall health.
So, am I interpreting this right? On the right track?
Thanks for teaching this book!

Tana Yasu said...

.....yes,....yes,....oooh---yea! let's re-visit THIS!!

Steven Barnes said...

Self love, yes. You should never seek a lover when you do not respect and cherish yourself--protect your heart at all costs!

Self-pleasuring is a gift of the divine.

Unknown said...

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