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Monday, July 12, 2010

New 'Anti-Rape' Condom Invented in South Africa

Would he kill her? Possibly. But the pain and shock would also give her a moment to retaliate. A slender nail (or thick pin) inserted into the proper part of the anatomy can kill at short range. I would think that, if she can keep her cool, it might give her a tactical advantage. When it comes down to it, freedom is only available to those who demand it, and are willing to risk death to have it. As horrendous as the situation is, anything that enables women to take power back from those who would diminish them...even at the risk of a worthwhile thing. Making them victims? Hardly. It makes them potential heroines.
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Ebony Foreman said...
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Ebony Foreman said...

I would have to say that I agree completely.

Any chance a woman has to protect herself from being victimized, is a chance worth taking. Often, when women believe that they should sit back and just "take it" they become more likely to take their own lives before allowing themselves to become victims again.

All it really takes is one tale or news clipping about a woman, who fought back, to spread inspiration and courage to thousands of other women. By giving them that small seed of hope is all the wisdom/help they will ever need to prevent themselves or even protect themselves from being raped.

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