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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The "A-Team" (2010)

So I went to see the "A-Team" last weekend. Eh. It was pretty much what I expected, so I can't complain. Anyone who needs a plot summary isn't the audience for this thing. It's amiable enough, and won't annoy your higher brain functions. Give it a "C", I'd reckon.
“Briefly speaking, ‘fear’ kidnaps the ability to think clearly, increasing the possibility of being lead into error, and decreasing the chance of opening the positive exit doors that may be available. Depending upon the context, ‘fear’ can lead to complications, losses, and tragedies, both big and small.”--Jagdish N Srivastava

One of the best approaches to characterization is to design a perfect human being, and then deliberately build in flaws. Damage them. Choose one or more of the seven key arenas of human life and create fear where they need courage.
Then, you need only design a plot that gives them an opportunity to gain the lessons or allies they need to overcome, to grow, to evolve or heal.
And how do I suggest writers gain the insight to accomplish this? Simple, really. Look within yourself. Ask yourself--where has fear stopped you in the past? Where does it stop you now? Too often, people won’t even admit that they want love, happines, health, because they would then have to confront their demons.
There are two basic ways of dealing with fear: increase the motivation to accomplish the goal, or decrease the actual pull of the negative emotion. Once you admit that you crave change in your life, you become responsible for that effect.
You can actually have your dreams--but the first step is admitting you desire them. Don’t cheat yourself: life is entirely too short. Use your “Diamond Hour” today to write your goals in all three basic arenas: health/fitness, relationship, and finance.
And tomorrow? Start bringing those dreams to life!

Walk with courage!


Marty S said...

As I see it there are two types of fears. Justifiable and imagined. Fear has been bred into us through evolution because taking proper precautions based upon justifiable fears is a survival characteristic. So from my point of view the important part of examining our fears is separating the real fears from the imaginary so we know when to go into protective mode and when to work on overcoming them.

Steve Malley said...

Great advice, Steve. Thanks.

I have a question: Is the 101 still going? I was poking around on your site and couldn't quite find a link... :-)

Steven Barnes said...

the 101 link is at

Tana Yasu said...

....your standing, tall and strong. Your the bravest of them all. If on COURAGE, you must call, just keep on tryin'---, and tryin'---, and tryin'-- your a LION, in your own way----- BE A LION-----! [Be A Lion, fr. THE WIZ sound track]