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Friday, September 05, 2008

They're Over

Well...the DNC and RNC are over, and the game begins. All I will say is that I hope the best person for the job wins. Who I think that person is is irrelevant.


A Korean martial arts film called "The Legend of the Shadowless Sword" is just wonderful, a "B+" on the "Crouching Tiger" scale. See it.


I've been playing with a 16-lb shot--juggling it in a variety of patterns, even laying on my back and passing it through and around my legs. MAN you can get sore doing that. Serious micro-trauma. Have to be very very careful to let my body heal up between sessions. This is all based on Martone's S.H.O.T training stuff. I still have questions about how it affects body composition and so forth, but it sure is good, evil fun.


As you exercise, remember to keep the thread of your breathing constant and smooth. If it never breaks, it is very unlikely you will hurt yourself. Then, if you can maintain breath control during stressful times, you will find that the stress doesn't break you. The trick is to ride the breath until you begin to control it automatically. Until, when times are hard, your attention shifts to your breathing. If your boss is yelling at you, if the kids are acting like banshees, whatever is going on...breathe smoothly and deeply, and your stress won't become strain. And if it doesn't, the only way your mind, body, and spirit can respond is by becoming stronger.


You know, the whole thing about Biblical injunctions against homosexuality strike me as being massively hypocritical. Yeah, it's there...but Christ never mentions it, and is WAY more specific about "no divorce and remarriage." I mean, he says it point blank. Watching people try to wiggle out of that one, talking about context and peripheral issues and so forth...just makes me laugh. The difference is that gays are "them" and divorce happens to "us." Looking at the epicycles people leap through to explain why they can dump a wife or husband but not have sex with someone of their own gender is just nonsense to me. Everyone takes what they want from the Bible, and leaves the stuff that's inconvenient. Religion and spirituality are very difference things.


Anonymous said...

In terms of religion vs. spirituality: I lean toward the latter. Whenever this comes out in discussion, people are quick to throw accusations of demonic possession and sorcery. What is it about the notion of God existing outside the confines of a book or organized religion that makes people ready to draw blood?

In terms of homosexuality and the Bible? I have stopped the heated debates and discussions with so-called Christian folk. In my experience FAR too many people see ONLY what they want to see, even when it's not there, a phenomenon that baffles me. Is it soul age? (numbers of incarnations) Is it socialization? Is it fear? Denial? Sadly, this is the case across religious denomination. People trusting a book and someone else's words over their own sense of logic and reason. aaarrghhh!

Anonymous said...

Does Martone include circuit routines in his "S.H.O.T" DVD? Or is it mostly just a collection of all the different exercises one can do?

Steve Perry said...

Actually, your opinion of the best person for the job is highly relevant. If you came to that choice reasonably, and with an open-mind and attitude, saying which candidate you support and why might well influence somebody less certain to consider your view.

Maybe even adopt it.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing ...

Anonymous said...

Christianity and homosexuality is an odd issue because many liberal churches find that the original text is an admonishment against local fertility gods and the big one, Astarte. It seems to me that the more liberal churches require their ministers to have real educations that include history, pertinent ancient languages, and some real-world classes and not only Bible study.

Steven Barnes said...

The SHOT video is "just" exercises. I look at his H2H Circuits video (and training guide) and it is easy to imagine some good groupings, though.

Christian H. said...

Jesus had no concept of homosexuality. Or should I say Isa had no concept of homosexuality. Paul was what would be called a top today. He participated in the average level of abusive treatment of followers of the Truth.
Maybe that's why he was such a staunch advocate for the Way; he knew all about the other way.

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