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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In The Night Of The Heat

My new Tennyson Hardwick mystery, "In The Night Of The Heat" is now available on No reviews up the first!


Anonymous said...


Amazon just informed me this morning that they were shipping it early. Glad to hear it. Looking forward to reading and reviewing "In the Night of the Heat".

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I am looking forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It must be so gratifying to see the fruition of a project you've worked hard on.

I read, adored and reviewed Casanegra for my blog, so I am very much looking forward to reading In the Night of the Heat.

Can't wait 'til it comes in the mail from Amazon!

Josh Jasper said...

I'll grab it next time I'm in a bookstore. Congrats. Lets hope the series gets popular

Also, I came across a review for this graphic novel in Boing Boing (a blog I read Incognegro. I thought you might be interested

Josh Jasper said...

One more thing - The mystery reviews editor at Publishers Weeks said he only got a copy of Casanegra, and didn't get this one.

You might want to talk to your publicist and see what happened.

rigaud said...

Hi Steve!

I left a message on your wife's blog about "In the Night of the Heat". I already have my copy-i picked it up at Hueman Bookstore yesterday and I am halfway done already!

This book-so far-blows Casanegra away! I love the story line, the wittiness of Hardwick and the one liners! My favorites so far are: page 141 when Tennyson is in Melanie's apartment and he finds out Miss Nubian Princess is engaged to a white cat from Sussex. How he busts her chops was hilarious.

The next-where I'm up to now-is when Carlyle and crew finally show up at Ten's house and Ten's father is there ice grilling them. Then Carlyle says "what's wrong old school? You don't speak to guests?"

Great stuff! Would love to see this into some kind of film but I think it would get an NC 17 rating just on the sex scenes alone!

Go on with your bad self!

Oh and thank you for making the main female characters sistas. I read your acknowledgement and I agree, but I also must say we need more chocolate and dark skinned sistas represented as sexy leading ladies too. Blair needs to come back to us :)

Keep up the awesome work!

Steven Barnes said...


I'll look into the Publisher's Weekly thing. Thanks for the head's up.

Josh Jasper said...

Steve - I'm always happy to help out people I like with what information I can without causing anyone any trouble. Feel free to email me about it.