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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Tragedy of Coriolanus (1608)

Oh! I forgot to note that today I begin reading “The Tragedy of Coriolanus”, the vey last play in the Pelican edition complete Shakespeare. For the last five years I’ve been reading all of Shakespeare aloud, one act per day. I miss lots of days due to travel and stuff—otherwise it would have taken me about 2 ½ years. But wow, I can’t believe I’m almost there.

After I finish? I’ll probably buy a new compilation, and start over at the beginning. The idea is that you can probably learn everything you could want to know about literature by reading Shakespeare and your favorite best-selling author. Fast and dirty literacy, to be sure…



Mike R said...

I've been wanting to try this myself, but have never gotten around to it.

Anonymous said...

I saw Coriolanus at Shakespeare in Central Park about 35 years ago and really loved it. I couldn't believe how unknown such a good play could be.

Michelle said...

oo this is my favorite play...the idea of the unknown messenger and what happened on that road.

We reenacted that scene in college and shocked an entire class room with out interpretation.

Yes...this is my favorite Shakespeare play.