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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nation article

Katha Pollitt in the nation observes that if the election becomes about race versus gender, the winner will be whatever white male Republican takes the oath of office in 2009. Yep.
I guess that's why I keep talking about this. I do think that any grouping or orientation tends to create or sustain a point of view. If every single occupant of the Oval Office has been a White Male, there are other views of reality, equally valid, that have never ever had peak expression. To the degree that that is true, it is dangerous for the nation. Reality is what it is, and our points of view on reality are never the thing itself. Assuming all basic measurable attributes are roughly equal, the mere changing of point of view can provide an advantage--the old point of view while valid, has been far more thoroughly expressed and explored. I am curious about what a white woman would bring to the Presidency. Or a man of African heritage. Not enough to sacrifice objective quality in any way, but I am curious. I think that the country is excited about it as well.

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