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Thursday, December 14, 2006

One last thing.

And by the way--

One Right-Left divide I never expected was along the issue of Global Warming. I know people on both sides who believe it is a real issue, but almost EVERYONE I know, or have heard of, who is strongly AGAINST the idea of anthropogenic climatic change is on the Right. I don't understant this. I really don't. Is there anyone out there who considers themselves Left of center who believes Global Warming is a fraud? Please sign in and give your thoughts. I frankly would have expected the pros and cons on this one to be distributed equally across the political landscape. How it became a political rather than an intellectual issue confuses and frightens me a bit. The scientists I know who have done original research on the subject are pretty unified in their belief that the situation is far more serious than the Right generally states--even if they themselves lean Right. I just don't get this, and the consequences down the line could be devastating. The only answer I can see is that industry has invested gigantic amounts of money confusing the issue. Are they capable of this? Ask the tobacco industry, which, in my mind, willingly slaughtered millions purely for profit, hiding the data that they knew would one day come to light. They knew it. They did it just for money--which is why tobacco executives are, in my mind, lower than crack dealers, and the only people on this planet I can't help hating. But could this be happening with an issue that could determine the survival of our planet? I fear the answer could well be "yes."

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