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Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Adrian Component

Promoting his new film “Rocky Balboa,” Sylvester Stallone has been answering a series of questions over at

Someone asked him the following odd question, and got a fabulous answer:

Q:  What would the Rocky Balboa of this latest installment have told the Rocky who first cried out "ADRIEN!!!!!!!!!!" on the silver screen if he were to call back in time today?

A:  (Stallone) “Without a doubt, the first message would have been, `To thine own self be true.’ The only beat you ever really want to march to, is the beat of your own heart. As much as I am loathed to say it, you really have to be wary of the advice of people, even loved ones, because it can be tinged with jealousy. Believe it or not, I’ve often found that friends can evoke more jealousy about your successes than your most overt enemy. Quite often the best advice comes from what I would call, “The Adrian Component” - that one person in the background who has no agenda, who has no male competitiveness, who may have very little stature in other people’s eyes, but can see the playing field for what it is and be able to give you a true perspective and loving advice. Trust is the last of your belongings that should be given away haphazardly, because quite often the world’s biggest dilemma is that we trusted someone with our hearts, a person who was not worthy, and quite often the after-effects last a lifetime.”


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