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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Morning routine

I’m teaching three workshops at this weekend’s Screenwriting Expo:
1) Deep Characterization
2) Plotting
3) Writing SF and Fantasy

So since I have to run my mind in that direction for the next couple of days, I thought I’d crunch those thoughts up with a few other things floating around in my psyche.  You’ll get those thoughts soon.

1) I am possibly about to take on a gigantic project, one that could easily move my career to the next level.  Cool.  But also frightening.  The volume of work would be utterly intimidating if I let myself really think about it. 
The solution?  To change my morning “Golden Hour” to a two-hour stretch, from 6am to 8am.  During the 6-7 slot, I write a thousand words, or 5 pages of a script. 7-8 is my exercise slot.  At 8, I have to be available to Jason, who I take to preschool at 8:30.  From 9 through the rest of the day is various business, including creating more text, study, research, re-writing, business meetings and so forth. 

In the evening I set myself up for tomorrow’s Golden Hour, detailing the next thousand words or so.  This allows my dreaming mind to chew over the  task ahead, so that I awaken the next day ready to go.

Sleep time is 10pm. Sigh.  I could REALLY use another hour, but that’s just the way it is.  I need my sleep!

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