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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Energy and the next year

Starting the process of research on an upcoming project.  Tell the truth, there are going to be a whole bunch of “upcoming” thingies, and the next year and a half will demand serious discipline and focus, as well as the highest energy I can muster.

Energy, and its appropriate usage, is central.  My general strategy is to get my energy level as high as possible, and then be very, very conservative about how I use it.

I look at the generation of energy as having several distinct aspects:

1)     Exercise.  Both aerobic and anaerobic: wind-building and muscle building.  Literally ramping up the metabolic engines, and then as strong as I can (strength was never my strong suit), so that the “stress” of just moving my body from one place to another never becomes strain.  Flexibility work is also important, as it implies interesting things about joint mobility and the capacity to relax under stress.  Yoga is great for this, and I’ll be doing yoga at home or in the studio every other day.
2)     Meditation.  Great for taking the brakes off, reducing emotional friction.  Centering is about seeing the spaces between the trees rather than the trees themselves. Makes for faster running.  Emotional flexibility is also vital, as it makes it easier to see the opportunities.
3)     Rest.  To bed by 10 at night, up at 6.  Because Jason is waking up earlier, I have to  go to bed earlier.  Sigh.
4)     Focus. Goals. My goals have to be exquisitely clear, and I need to remind myself of them every single day.  Why am I doing all of this?  To provide safety for my family, and to advance my most deeply held beliefs and dreams. 
5)     Diet.  I’ve cut sugar way down, but can do better.  Hoodia has helped me deal with carb cravings in general, but then I have to be certain that I “eat today for how I want to feel tomorrow.”  To keep track of my intake, and the results I get from it. 
6)     Optimal bodyweight.  I don’t want to carry any unnecessary flesh.  Just weighs me down.  So, I think that I’m going to land right between 170-175 and hold that for a while.
7)     Interlace my goals.  Each goal has to serve multiple purposes in my life.  Writing is a creative and career issue: Money is great for family, and also creates an open space to practice martial arts.  The time I spend with my family is important in and of itself, but also to re-connect with the flow of life, which empowers my writing and physical work.  And the exercising enables me to continue learning Silat and other arts, as well as giving me energy to keep up with Jason.


I wanted to thank everyone who had suggestions about Jason’s recent behavior issues.  Each and every one was appreciated.

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Unknown said...

I really appreciate your writing and direction. Many people, like me, struggle with a lot more than we realize. However, when you touch on so many topics, it shows me there are real reasons for my decisions and actions through life. Reading your daily emails help be harbor my energy and identify what needs altering. Thank you.