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Monday, June 26, 2006

Jim Baen's Condition

Received this note this morning.

Dear Friends of Jim Baen and Baen Books,

>> >At this time we regret we are unable to give you positive news regarding
>> >Jim's condition.
>> >
>> >As many of you know, last Monday Jim suffered a stroke. The doctors
>> >describe it as a massive bilateral stroke in the thalamus. Jim has not
>> >regained consciousness and his condition has become severe. He is
>> >resting comfortably now, and appears to be in no pain; however the
>> >doctors' prognosis is grave.
>> >
>> >We know that very many people care for Jim and have been hoping and
>> >praying for a positive outcome, but we wanted to share this information
>> >with you, as so many have asked and expressed great concern.
>> >
>> >Jessica Baen & Toni Weisskopf

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