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Friday, June 23, 2006

BBC, Race, and Voter Fraud in 2004

A news story is boiling around the edges of the blogosphere.  As of this time, I simply haven't read enough of it to make up my mind.  The essence of it has to do with documents and emails obtained by the BBC indicating that members of the RNC conspired to disenfranchise over a hundred thousand black military personel in 2004.  Especially egregious (if this is true) is the fact that many of them were in Iraq at the time, and therefore denied absentee ballots.  If this is true,
1) It certainly explains why the Voting Rights Act needs to be in place.  If groups are being targeted by race, I don't trust individual states to correct this.  There is simply too much history of certain states refusing to acknowledge abuses toward their darker citizens.

2) Bush really, truely is not the President, and the mistakes around Iraq stop looking like mistakes.  One has to take Richard Clarke more seriously when he says that our administration wanted Iraq even before 9/11.  Something terrible is going on here.
I beg my readers to look into this story and report back. If this story is true...(and exit polls predicting a Kerry victory suggest it may be) then our country was stolen in 2004, and perhaps in 2000 as well. And we may be in grave danger of losing our democracy.

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