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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Covenant #10: Closing the Racial Digital Divide

And here we come to the last of these terrific ideas.  And this one is pretty simple: to encourage and provide computers, high-speed internet, computer training, and so forth at every level of black American society, such that the average black child and adult has the same digital resources as the average white child and adult. About 51% of black Americans have computer access, as opposed to  about 75 percent of whites.  Teeenagers with access to a home computer are 6 to 8 percent more likely to graduate high school than teenagers who do not, and the advantages propagate through higher education choices, heath research, estate planning, shopping for cars and homes, and much much more.

Individuals are encouraged to obtain computer training, invest in a home computer (especially  if you have children!), make certain that computer is attached to the internet, and encourage the local schools to promote computer literacy.  Of course, leaders and elected officials are to be held accountable.
Re-cycling your old computers and sharing your own skills is also a good idea. 

There is much, much to be done, and I love the list of possible actions that almost anyone can embrace.  If your taste is political action, GREAT.  If it is individual action, GREAT.  The important thing is to do what you can, and encourage an active dialogue.  Thanks so much for being a part of this one.

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