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Thursday, March 02, 2006


A very funny cartoon dealing with balance.  I was asked to comment:
1) the negative effects of seeking balance are being ludicrously exaggerated--that is the job of the humorist.
2)Balance is never static.  It is always dynamic, and a matter of getting better with THIS while neglecing THAT...and then shifting focus, much like the old vaudville routine with the spinning plates on the poles.  Eventually, you're sitting in the middle of the triangle with the poles, and just reach out and nudge 'em a bit.
3)  The CEO of the company is presented as being rich and having lots of nookie.  That's nice.  And that is, of course, a definition of success.  And if the choice is that or the utterly wrecked individual, who wouldn't make that choice, on the surface?  But again, this is a humorous exaggeration of a truth: it can seem that those who throw their lives out of balance for 'success" get all the goodies.  YOu have to be careful withthis.  It can also see that those willing to scheme, cheat, and lie get the goodies.  Just as it can seem that O.J. Simpson "got away" with murder.
I think you have to be willing to look beyond the apparent, surface riches to a deeer level.  At least, every wise man or woman of virtually every spiritual discipline of every culture in the world throughout all history has said so.  A fast and dirty measurement of what is real would be:  "If you were laying in bed, dying, would you rather have gotten laid by random ladies a few more times, or be surrounded by loving family?  Rather have made 25% more money, or explored and understood 25% more of the world?  Burned the candle at both ends partying, or lived 25% longer with health and energy?"  The answer to a question like this will reveal much about your values.  As long as you live according to your actual values, I suspect death will hold few terrors for you.  Any other measurement is closing your eyes to some very serious realities.  And folks, it catches up with you.


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