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Friday, September 23, 2005

Triangle Control-Pause Goal Setting

Here is the "atom bomb" of goal setting techniques.  It is advanced, but some of you are ready for it, so here 'tis--
Write well defined, written goals, with plans for their accomplishment.
Visualize your "triangle goal" while meditating morning and night.  On the EXHALATION, while your lungs are empty, visualize that triangle, rotating between your physical, your mental (career) and your emotional/spiritual (meditating) goals.  As your body starts to protest the lack of air, lock in that financial goal HARD.  Think: "to earn my next breath, I MUST see this clearly." 
Next, when exercising (and you should do some kind of exercise on a daily basis.  You eat every day, right?), visualize a triangle--this one the triumverate of breath, muscle movement, and skeletal alignment (structure).  As you move, note the way muscle and bone create breath.  Concentrate only on the exhale, allowing the inhale to occur passively.

NEXT, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Five times a day, breathe for 60 seconds, and visualize that triangle as you do.
Your unconscious mind will start to link your goal with the need for oxygen.  Motivation will be a thing of the past--you will have a STARVING HUNGER to reach your goal.  You had better the hell have a dream diary/meditation practise set up, because your subconscious will start to throw up oodles of crap at a rate you won't believe.  Every day work for greater clarity, and greater emotional intensity.  Keep breaking the goals down into smaller and smaller chunks, until you find a "chunk size" that you can actually accomplish in a day.  Then slowly, your tolerances will change.

Good luck, guys.  This is very, very serious stuff, and only for people who really want to change FAST!

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