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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Nostrodomus Geographic

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I would love a non-politicized view of what this means, considering that this is the third strong suggestion I've seen (and I haven't really been searching) that the consequences of Katrina should have been understood at the local, state, and Federal levels.  Because lives are at stake here, please keep the conversation polite.  A couple thoughts for those who lean strongly one way or another politically:

1)  For both Liberals and Conservatives: if Clinton had been in office under similar conditions, how would you feel, knowing that this information was running around?  Personally, I would have been DEEPLY disappointed, and feel that a vital ball had been dropped.  That vital resources had been diverted for a questionable war, and that cronyism had weakened our national vision. 
2)  Does ANYONE believe that it is possible to discuss this without defensiveness (for  the party in power who would like to remain in power) or an attack-dog mentality (for the "out" party who wants to get in.) There is no way in hell that, were the position reversed, Republicans would not SHRED Clinton for gross neglegence.  On vacation?  Jeeze, they implied that Clinton's sexual dalliances, which, in toto, could not possibly add up to more than 24 hours of his time, had distracted him from his duties.  What in the hell would be made of THIS?
Conversely, it actually is possible that no one could reasonably expect better anticipation or response.  Despite the fact that I doubt this, I have to admit the possibility, or there is NO way I can honestly assess what happened here.  Just as conservative Republicans MUST accept the POSSIBILITY that their boy dropped the ball--otherwise there is no way THEY can honestly assess this.  It is so sad that electioneering will interfere in this process.  More will die because of politics.  It's probably always been this way.  Let's try not to let it get in the way here.

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