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Monday, October 03, 2005

Five Minute Miracle

I'm going to be changign the format a bit very soon.  You'll notice that I rarely talk about the 5MM--that is rather deliberate.  I didn't want to be having political and philosophical discussions constantly intersperced with ads.  It would be very very easy for someone to say to themselves "he's just trying to make a dollar."  And that could lead someone to suspecting that I'm being other than honest on these pages. 
Add to this the fact that I'm about to roll out the Lifewriting Year-long course.  You'll hear about it, and there will be a link to it from this page, but what you need to know is that I'll be working to create a separate stream of readers for that.  Yeah, I want to make money, but it's more important to me to continue these conversations.  So I'll be doing my level best to  put out everything I've been giving, plus more, and try not to specifically mention the products I sell--these communications are important to me.
But, let's put this in a nutshell.  What is the Five Minute Miracle, and why is it important?  In general, we want certain results in "feeling good" in some arena or another.  When positive emotions are attached to actions, then if we take those actions, we get the results.  Internally, we might not "understand our motivations" or have internal conflict, or whatever, but if you can take the actions, you will get the results.  In yogic psychology, it is said that you can awaken the kundalini from the heart out, or the body up, but never from the mind down.  The conscious mind just isn't very reliable.
But if you can change the way you breathe under stress, you will change your body's entire stress response.  If stress does not become strain, you will function at a higher level at everything you do.  The FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE was skimmed off the body of Soviet research expressed in fabulous detail and depth in Coach Sonnon's various teachings.  It is a very specific breathing technique teaching you a different way of relating to breath.  This is critical, because breathing, as the only process which is both conscious and autonomic, is the door to the unconscious mind.  Then, by practising the technique for sixty seconds multiple times a day (hence the title) you are literally re-programming the way your body/mind connection operates.  The effect is startling.  There is simply no other investment of five minutes a day that could even vaguely come close.  You can aid your digestion, flatten your stomach, reduce stress, and improve posture...all with this simple exercise.  It works remarkably well, and the concept has become foundational to my teaching.  If you haven't picked up your copy, do it, and today.  There's a 100% money-back guarantee, so there is no risk at ALL.  Go ahead--check it out now!

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