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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Chakra analysis of Bush

A reader asked me to throw my hat in the ring with an analysis of Bush, so here goes:
I would say this in chakra analysis of Bush: while an intelligent man, he seems to be the least intellectual president of my lifetime.  He seems to operate on pure instinct, and "heart"--but isn't that understandable?  If you were born into such a fail-safe position in life, wouldn't you feel blessed?  You'd know your accomplishments weren't due to your own efforts, but rather those of your ancestors, or perhaps just getting the divine nod.  Certainly, you wouldn't trust your own mind as much as you would "listen" for the voice of God in your head.  He seems to be very good at binding women to him.  Both Condi and Harriett seem to have emotional resonses to him more appropriate to lovers or husbands than Presidents.  This suggests to me that he is strongly sexual, but probably channels it in an openly ethical fashion (monogamy) while flirting like crazy in an "only kidding" fashion.  We know he is extremely physical, all that running and weight lifting and so forth.  He strikes me as having a very open heart, and a spiritual bent.  I think he believes much of what he says, sees himself as the guardian Father of the American dream, and trusts the people around him to a fault.  How else could he spend so much time on vacation?  His employees at the White House are some kind of surrogate family, with Cheney as Daddy, and probably Rove as big brother or Mentor/Uncle figure. 
My honest impression is that this is a "good guy."  A "nice guy."  I just think that the Peter Principle has kicked in something fierce, and this man is just out of his depth, and has gathered around him a group of people who, frankly, are smarter than he, but less honest. They feed him what he wants to hear.
I think Iraq, seen from this light, was motivated by a tangle of ideas:
1)  Crush a sovereign country as an example that no one in the world should mess with us, or harbor our enemies...if we even THINK you helped kill Americans, we will drag you out of your palace and execute you.
2) Get a solid American presence in the Middle East (we might be losing Saudi Arabia!)
3) Remember #1?  Look at Saudi Arabia.  Clearly, they were infinitely more complicit in 9/11 than Iraq.  But we can't attack them--they hold too much of our financial paper, and considering the number of holy sites there, it would enflame the Muslim world.  Notice that we attacked one of the only sectarian regimes?  Think that was an accident?
4) Of course there is oil, but as we've seen, the best way to make money isn't direct theft.  It is to support gigantic infrastructure rebuilding, and give out no-bid contracts to your friends, with insufficient oversite.  When billions are being spent, syphoning off millions isn't hard.  Corruption is as natural as the cook taking first taste in the kitchen.  You find it anywhere in the world that there are resources to horde.  So pure money-hunger HAS to be factored in, even if one thinks it a minor motivation.
5) Here's a nasty one.  If Bush is as much a Christian as he says, then deep inside he HAS to consider Islam to be, well, just wrong.  And to have a subtle but inerasable contempt for the culture.  Remember Ann Coulter talking about how we should "kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity"? Do you think that she invented that bit of horror all on her leggy own?  I think not.  I think that was lurking just behind the curtain on much of the decision-making here.  That "our culture is superior" is another universal human trait.  And when you have power to back it up, it's easy to believe your own b.s.
So there it is.  Bush is strongly sexual, but consciously channels it into monogamy and charisma.  He is quite physical, but I think it might be armor against something of an inferiority/daddy complex.  His heart is more open than his head, creating problems when he tries to communicate (public speaking) in any non-scripted way.  And spiritually, his eye is on the sparrow as he trods rather blindly on less lofty creatures.

Just my thoughts.  Of course, I could be wrong.

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