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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Yoga in Japanese

There's a little yoga teacher named Asako at the local Bikram, and she's started teaching classes with no English corrections--only Japanese.  Now, I guess I wouldn't recommend them to people who haven't been studying for a while, but my family and I find it to be a hoot.  First of all, the classes are later in the morning, so we late-sleeping types dig the heck out of that.  Second, there are far fewer people in the class (no duh!) so there's more room, and possibly less heat.  the heat doesn't bother me anymore, but Nicki and Tananarive are still suffering.  so we'll try it again today.
The truth is that a big chunk of any esoteric or movement system has little to do with what is said.  It's all about the vibe in the room.  A good instructor is like a tuning fork--you literally resonate with their energy. If they've got it, great.  If not, well...better hope there's another student in the room who does, because otherwise you might get lost.

Asako is good enough that she can represent the space called "Yoga" quite nicely.  Her English is only adequate anyway, so a class in which she demonstrates more is actually rather nice.
I took my nephew Stevie to yoga class last Saturday, and he loved it.  And he performed like a natural.  Honestly, his alignment was off, of course, but his focus and endurance were almost incredible.  I am SO proud of that boy!

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