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Friday, July 22, 2005

Hoodia, anyone

Well, the Barnes household has discovered Hoodia, and we all love it.  Hoodia Gordonii is a South African cactus used by San bushmen to repress hunger on long hunts.  At this point, I know of no counterindications (if anyone has heard anythign negative, PLEASE provide the data!).   There is a lot of fake Hoodia on the market ritght now--stuff from china, stuff mixed with fillers, etc.  I wanted to try the real thing, so I called a major phytochemical assay company, and asked them if they'd done work with Hoodia, and they said yes.  They gave me the name of three different companies who had passed their tests, and mentioned that one of them had been a "blind buy"--they had purchased the Hoodia through the mail through a consumer account, so they were recieving the exact same product any customer might get.  The brand was "Desert Burn," and they checked out pretty well--seemed to have a good attitude toward the Bushmen, had their certificates in order, etc., so I bought three bottles.  It comes in bottles of 60 750 mg capsules.  They advise taking two in the mornign, and then one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.  I've never taken that many, but T and Nicki vary.  the judgement:
IT WORKS.  It's just spooky.  Your brain simply gets a signal saying your stomach is already full.  Carb cravings disappear.  I think you need to actually be careful to eat proprely, and healthfully--you can damn near "forget" to do so!  And strangely, the energy level stays pretty far up--there doesn't seem to be as much blood sugar drop as you'd expect.
My estimation?  This stuff is the bomb.  Assuming no drastic side effects are discovered, Hoodia, in combination with a decent exercise program (walking?) will take weight off just fine, thank you.  Combine it with a serious exercise proogram (clubbells? Kettlebells?  Running?) and you'd actually lose weight at an unsafe speed.  I'd say drik PLENTY of water, and make certain that at least one meal a day is designed  for maximum, full-spectrum  nutrition.  Tananarive LOVES this stuff.  Nici was glowing over her results.  No speediness, no sleep disruption.  You just aren't as hungry.  wow.
For more details on the product, either go to, or type  "Hoodia" into a search engine and do your research.  Fascinating.

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I think Hoodia really helps.