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Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Story a Week #2

Another question:

What about those people who simply plan to self-publish their work, or just put it on their websites? How do those people gauge improvement in their work?
Vince | 07.05.05 - 4:25 pm |
The exact same approach can be used--you are sending material for publishing because
1) The sincerest complement in the world is a check from a stranger.
2) A professional editor can give you insight you'll never get from your friends, teachers, or family.
Then, after you can get paid for your work--go right ahead and self-publish or put it up for free on your blog.  Yeah, right.  We both know that almost no one would give away for free what they can joyfully sell.  I think that in the majority of cases, people self-publish because they are afraid that they can't publish in more traditional patterns. That's not always true--but people who are doing well in the publsihing world almost NEVER self-publish.  I think it's often (not always) a way of avoiding the work necessary to get to the next level, the pain of rejection.
However, if none of that motivates you, you can still write a story a week, and just circulate them among your friends, or post them. but you won't have the same growth curve.


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