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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Weight Loss

Well, its been about a month, and what I learned (as I kinda suspected), trying to losemore than about a pund a week isn't a particularly good idea for me.  My habits are already pretty good--diet, exercise, rest--and when I try to push it harder, my body tries to "snap back" to its original weight--or even more!  My current weight: 189.7, so I lost about 6 pounds in about six weeks.  Go figure.
1)  When you break diet, your body seems to grab those calories and hold onto them for dear life.
2) You have to combine aerobic and strength training for best effect.
3) Maintaining a balanced diet while cutting carbs a bit seems to work very well. Make up the extra bulk with leafy vegetables.
4) Drink plenty of water--it helps to kill hunger.  Much hunger seems to be thirst misinterpreted.
5)  Watch "The Machinist."  Christian Bale is a madman.

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