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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The June Diamond Hour is here!

I’m what Swiftdeer  called a “Twisted Hair”, one who draws from multiple traditions to create my own “path with heart”.  Note: there is a living energy within every spiritual tradition or transformative approach that has lasted more than a generation or two, so far as I’ve been able to investigate.  Some, of course, have more than others.   In some cases MUCH more, and in some so little that it isn’t worth going through the b.s. to find it.  Another subject.
But I’m also a synthesizer, testing these approaches in my own career, relationships, and physical body, seeing where they connect, and trying to find a way to express the things I learn so that others don’t necessarily have to go through the same experiences to have the benefits.  “Lifewriting” was my first creation, the observation/theory that world myth and story pattern relate to actual human experience, and that the storytellers of the world have been trying to communicate to their tribe, and to the next generation, what they will experience in life and how to interpret and prepare for it, and use your travails to move to the next level of perception and adult responsibility.
I have all the evidence I personally need to believe that this is true, but enjoy presenting my ideas for others to argue against, or experiment with.  Had over twenty years of feedback from thousands of students, and the comments have been overwhelmingly positive, whether applying this approach to writing, the process of writing, or the process of living creatively.  Excellent.
When I see a comment about writing process from someone I admire, it is fun to apply what they say to the Lifewriting idea: can these thoughts about writing apply to life?  Recently, I came across a series of ten comments about writing from one of the most successful writers of all time, who has an audience of hundreds of millions human beings around the planet, whose works have earned billions.   I’m speaking of Joss “Buffy/Avengers” Whedon, and when I looked at his suggestions, everything fit so beautifully I jumped on the chance to apply his wisdom to life.
Whether you respect Whedon as an artist or a businessman, you would be well advised to look at what he says, and listening to my take on it will help you understand more deeply what I have, with humble awareness of my limitations, been trying to say for almost thirty years.   Join us?
Diamond Hour June show - Saturday, June 14, 2014, 1:00 PM Pacific Daylight Savings time (4:00 PM Eastern)

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