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Friday, September 06, 2013

Just Three Days...

So… I’ve been telling you about how Amara and I began exploring converging lines of inquiry from the perspectives of each of our lives and disciplines to find the keys to this thing called Erotic Intelligence. Laughing well into late evenings (as well as shedding a few tears), we shared what worked and what did not in the arenas of career, health, and love. Our accomplishments were streaming with the practices and inspirations we actually used to pull us through the toughest times of our lives and we discovered the surprising patterns of success that have made all the difference.

As I mentioned, we never actually agreed on the definition of "erotic intelligence", nor the methods we have used. (for example, every time I talked about writing down goals, Amara would  cringe a little, explaining that every significant dream she’d realized did not happen this way)… But, then I saw something special about the way Amara does things…

So both from what we tested that works, and presenting our different approaches, we used touchstones from yoga, martial arts, the Quodoshka, Taoist principles, and Wallace D. Wattle’s  The Science of Getting Rich as well as our own personal experiences with sexuality, creativity, love, relationships, and health. We offered specific exercises and answered all questions from our enthusiastic audience of tantrikas.

They loved it, and begged for more. They loved the concept of empowering every aspect of life with the same passion you feel toward a lover…and learning how to let every other aspect of your life support your intimate relationships.

We knew we had something special, a blending of the mundane and esoteric, masculine and feminine, of body, mental and emotional hungers that seemed unlike anything any of us had ever seen.  And then we had to get it right.  We spent eight months refining and polishing and re-working what we’d began…and now we are finally ready to deliver it…after another eight months of work!

And that was just the beginning of the magic. But the suspense is almost over. In just three days you the doors open!


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Terry H said...

Looking forward to this one! Amara's Quoudoushka is fascinating, and Steven's work is always powerful.

Lots of Barnesy goodness coming out this week!