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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anyone who would believe a man who would shoot a boy, then sit on his back as he bleeds out is beyond my understanding.


Terry H said...

Last I heard on this, Zimmerman says Martin was going for Zimmerman's gun. Even if this is true, I have to ask: WHY did Martin go for the gun, and how did he even know Zimmerman HAD a gun? I'd think those answers connect.

Armed man threatens 17-year-old kid, kid lunges for gun, armed man shoots? I wasn't there, I didn't see it, but it sounds a lot like that to me, at this time.

I've got to say, if I thought someone was about to shoot me, I'd try to take the gun from him. Would he perceive that as a threat to his life? Would he see it as a reason to shoot me?

Steven Barnes said...

Want to hear what distance the gun was fired from. The fact is that I believe nothing Zimmerman says: anyone who would hold down a kid as he bleeds out would also lie to keep himself from going to prison. Named, public witnesses and forensics are what I want to see. It may not be possible to determine what happened, and it is possible that Zimmerman is innocent...but right now, I have no confidence in either that, or the local justice system.

Terry H said...

Agreed. I can KIND OF see taking Zimmerman's word that he was defending himself, because he was bleeding when the police arrived on the scene. Kind of. But if I used lethal force on a 17-year-old, I'd expect to be arrested. Hell, I'd almost WANT to be arrested. I'd want to know that the police were taking the incident seriously, not just letting me shoot whoever I found scary.