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Wednesday, December 01, 2010
Go HERE to get your free copy of TACFIT Warrior Challenge WorkOut videos, a glimpse of the future.


Bennett said...

I love these 20-min challenge workouts. Cardio benefits aside, they teach you just what kind of man or woman you really are. Every time I get about 12 minutes in, my body says I can't do any more, and my mind agrees, and somehow they both keep going. Something about the nature of this just forces you to cut through the BS and realize that you can do amazing things when, even if failure is an option, quitting isn't.

Anonymous said...

You rock Steve!

Anonymous said...

Man Steve, I was feeling dull by the time I got home from work. So I put in Scott's "Flow Fit" and after 17 minutes of steady work, I felt my energy was back. I honestly felt like a million bucks. I have that dvd because you posted a review on this website about it a while back. Thank you Steve.