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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Facebook Group 'Praying' For President Obama's Death Passes 1 Million Members

This is dangerous as hell. By "norming" such speech, they give tacit approval for the most radical members of such groups to consider violent action acceptable, as if the collective unconscious of the Right is trolling for an assassin--while maintaining deniability. Criticize this, and you always get a few people trying to suggest that there is nothing unusual about this, no elevated threat. Shhh...go to sleep. Go to sleep. And then, if something horrible happens: "whoa! We had NO idea something like that might occur! We're SO sorry." And so they will be. Consciously.
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D.Jae said...

I completely agree with you. I joined the petition group asking FB to remove this page, as it's abhorrent. I was told that some of the folks who've joined, however, are Obama supporters (or simply appalled by this hateful group) who only did so so they could post comments and photos in rebuttal. I hope that is true, and that they account for a large number of these 'members.' Otherwise, this is some scary shit.

BC Monkey said...

Yep, that's offensive and completely inappropriate, no two ways about it.

I doubt though that HuffPo ever bothered to cover in a similar tone of outrage the FB pages which have called for Bush's death. For far too many people their opposition to this sort of agitation is based on whether or not it's their ox being gored.

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