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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Micheal Jackson, dead at 50

Micheal Jackon's body died today. He himself died years ago. Every time he was accused of another atrocity, he died a little. Every step he took trying to turn himself white he died a little more. I mourn the incredibly talented boy he was, but the man he became was painful beyond belief. People's unwillingness to see the obvious truth of his sickness disgusted me. I remember seeing him sitting alone in the CBS commissary while his brothers ripped and ran around the building. He looked so lost. I wish I'd sat with him and spoken. What an incredible talent. What an incredible waste. I thought I'd mourned all I could over the last years, but no, there were still a few tears left. Damn.

To all of his fans, and all of the people who loved his music, thank God we have the videos to remind us of what he was, once upon a time. Without them, it might be just too painful. Once upon a time he was just so beautiful, so bright.

His body is gone, but his talent is with us forever. And for a master showman (the best live performer I've ever seen) it's all about the show. By any definition at all, he was a Thriller.


Christian H. said...

He was definitely a shame. I would call him the pinnacle of the "pursuit of the glamorous life."

There is no glamorous life.

Mike said...

I've just spent the last 3 hours watching clips of him on youtube. Motown 25th anniversary, 1983, live performance of 'billie jean'..the electricity in the air when he does the moonwalk is incredible. I can't believe he's gone. RIP Michael

Daniel Keys Moran said...

I'm glad he's dead, and I don't dispute anything Steve says about his talent or anything else. About a month ago I posted elsewhere that I wished he'd die, so that I could listen to his music again, and I mostly meant it.

I suspect he be glad he'd died, if he'd known it was coming. I'm quite sure there are some boys out there who are glad he's gone.

Anonymous said...

Dan Moran: Though I don't want to wish (hardly) anyone dead, I understand why you say that. I really, really do. And I strongly suspect you are right and that there are some boys out there who are glad. If they are glad for the reason I think they are, well then I certainly can't blame them for feeling that way. I wonder if Michael would have secretly been glad if his own father would have died (or whoever else set him up on a path to become what he became).

Anonymous said...


Mildly shocked, but not surprised.

Truly a human train wreck if ever there was one.

So long, Mike. Hope you find peace on the other side.

Steven Barnes said...

I understand where Dan is coming from too. I'm also glad his body is dead, because it had become an horrific neon sign for the utter dysfunction of his heart and spirit.