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Friday, January 09, 2009


Here is where things stand with the "101":

1) Mushtaq and I are working right now to get the emails, the PDFs, the discussion group all up and running. It's literally a matter of hours...but that might be 96 hours, or 5. I just don't know.

2) So I'm discussing the basics of the daily focus here on the blog. Sorry if this causes confusion once you've signed up.

3) There is serious interest in a book on this, and one of the things the publishing company wants is testimonials as to the effectiveness of my approach. There are lots of you who have explored my approach, applied it to your lives, and gotten tangible results, and are willing to vouch for me, I would LOVE to get quotes from you. You may have studied Lifewriting from the blog, or my lectures or workshops. Maybe you went to the PATH seminar, or have been a private client or long-time student. Remember: the "101" is just a format to boil down everything I've been teaching into a more elegant format. So if you have been doing I.F., Heartbeat Meditation, the Soul Mate Process, Lifewriting, I.D.E.A. or whatever, your comments would be valid. In other words, if you can HONESTLY say that my teachings have improved your life either

a) physically

b) emotionally

c) financially

please send me a sample quote to:

Now here's the only trick: I may ask to SLIGHTLY modify your comments to fit their needs, but I will run the changes past you, and won't embarrass you. Any of you willing to send me a testimonial, with the chance that the company might want to get in touch with you to verify, PLEASE let me know.



Robin James Burchett said...

Hi Steve, I'd be glad to write something up. What length wouuld be most useful?

Anonymous said...

Not a testimonial, sorry, but I will work on it. However, this evening I read this on Arab News. It makes me sad.

Ruling on Yoga
Adil Salahi | Arab News

"A ruling issued by a learned scholar in Malaysia says that Yoga is forbidden for Muslims to practice. The scholar urges the government to make clear that Muslims must not practice Yoga. Please comment.

(T.K.T Abdullah)

... The ruling states that Yoga is traced back to Hinduism, and that it has religious and philosophical aspects. If this is the case, then the ruling is sound and religious scholars everywhere can only endorse it."

The rest of the article goes on to "prove" the point.

MJHolt I'm having trouble logging into Google/Blogger again (a reoccurring problem this week.)

Steven Barnes said...

Perhaps 20-50 words?
Sad about yoga and Islam. I've heard similar things from some Christian groups, though.

Anonymous said...

I guess I should have read comments before sending mine.'s a bit more than 20-50 words. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

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