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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spiritual Fusion

Spiritual Fusion

“In physics and nuclear chemistry, nuclear fusion is the process by which multiple atomic particles join together to form a heavier nucleus. It is accompanied by the release or absorption of energy.”
That’s Wikipedia.
Last Saturday, lecturing at the Sherwood Oaks Experimental college, I told a group that part of the reason for the “energy” people feel at an Obama rally is the fact that he is a “natural” at resolving dualities. Damn near every speech he gives, and everything he represents, is about taking things that seem to be opposite and showing how they are just two sides of the same thing. He is seeing the entire game from a higher level. Now, if you don’t like him, you may disagree with this, or you may agree and consider it to be an unworthy philosophical position. Fine. But I have to get this out this morning—it was the direct result of the morning meditation, and it’s important that I not filter this through too much political correctness. I’m not going to slow myself down by constantly saying “according to some theories…” or “I seriously think that…”
Hopefully, the intelligent reader will take those as given, and not need me to say it over and over again.

Here we go. He aims to resolve, or hopes to resolve, or represents resolution in, or hallucinates that he can resolve:
1) black and white
2) red states and blue states
3) Conservative and Liberal
4) Christian and Muslim
5) American and non-American

Etc. And to the degree that he can, or that people believe he can the energy expended in maintaining the illusion of duality is released, and can be accessed and utilized.
An example is the energy released in “burning away” ego walls. The newborn infant is undifferentiated consciousness. The only hard-wired emotions are fear, love, and anger. The basic sensations are Pain and Pleasure. Subtler emotions and sensations are outgrowths of these, and as the infant begins to learn about those things that produce these emotions and sensations, knowledge of the subjective/objective world is accumulated, and later labeled through language.

A side-note: I find it sad that there are people who really believe you can’t form thoughts without language, or that language contains all experience. It merely means that they have either never experienced something beyond words, or that their minds can’t process anything that is meta-linguistic. Pity.
I’ve noticed for years that I don’t fully process my most powerfully negative emotions. My mother’s death didn’t slow me down for even an hour. It was “oh, well” and I kept going. It’s processed slowly over the years, rather than having a real, deep, thorough impact at the time. I would watch other people grieving with a slightly sociopathic sense of disconnection, and an almost anthropological distance. Hmm. Human emotion. How interesting.

In Hawaiian “Huna” magic, they have an interesting set of theories about human consciousness. One is that the function of the subconscious is to keep us alive, and one of the ways it does this is to create “black bags” of unprocessed emotion, encysting the emotional “toxins” that we are not ready to process.

Often, by the way, this stuff is stored in our bodies. The difficulty many people have in losing weight—especially if that weight was the result of sexual or emotional abuse, is that you MUST process the emotions “held” in the tissue. As it comes up, nightmares and phobic responses are commonplace. This is why therapy, dream diary work, and meditation are critical.
That infant beginning to perceive the world “learns” that there is a difference between “it” and “not-it.” It learns what to touch and not touch. How to manipulate Mommy and Daddy by smiling and crying and pooping. It learns, finally that life makes most sense if it assumes there is an “I” perceiving the world. This is as opposed to many high philosophies that suggest there is a single life force (called, for instance, the “Jowk” in many African cultures) that takes many forms, like mushrooms apparently differentiating from a single mycelial mass.

We invest energy in the differences, because understanding differences promotes “individual” survival. Groups invest energy in their differences, because it promotes group survival. In the 60’s there was a great movement toward believing black and white were not as different as all American culture had been led to believe. There was a great outpouring of energy, as the culture “exhaled” with relief, releasing some of the energy that had been invested in the lie.

In my study of spiritual sexual practices worldwide, those cultures who bother to talk about such things seriously say something to the effect that the intensity of an orgasm is in direct proportion to the amount of your ego that you release at that moment.

It is sexual fusion.

The energy bound up in “this, not that” is gigantic, and we pay the cost. In terms of playing this game, in this world, that cost may be worth paying. But for most of us, the basic opinions we have about race, gender, culture, and religion were formed before we had any conscious or logical functions. We simply absorbed them from our environment. Logic, forming later, then seeks to justify what we believe we must believe to survive.

All data that conflicts with the most basic core beliefs is tucked into “black bags.” I’d bet ANYTHING that the vast, vast majority of those who don’t believe in Evolution got the basic building blocks of those beliefs before they were five years old.
I teach the Fear Removal technique, a phenomenal method for literally removing fear from the human body-mind. Or, rather, diminishing the effects fear has on behavior. I’ve been shocked at how few people will actually try it. I thought for sure that people would jump on it like crazy.

No. Their subconscious feels that it needs that fear. That without the fear, they will be hurt again. Huna suggests that if we learn the lessons, we don’t need the emotions. So the really grotesque “zinger” is that the intellect we pretend to trust so much we actually don’t trust at all. We don’t believe we can actually learn the lessons necessary to navigate our lives without terror. We won’t let go of the fear.

And NOTHING drains our energy, stops our lives, inhibits our passion more than fear, and fear always relates to the ego shell and what it perceives to be a threat: death, loss, injury.

So the ego lies to us through the intellect, gathering whatever information we need to justify the underlying beliefs and ignoring the rest. We get to feel so reasonable and smart, think we are navigating the world consciously, while actually being led around by our emotional noses.

This is one reason it is so difficult to sustain a meditation practice. Or lose weight. Or resolve dualities.

Personally? As my meditation practice takes me deeper into myself, I’m running into all of the emotions I’ve stuffed. Obviously, a lot of it has to do with race.

Reading yesterday, I came across several comments from women about how they were told “if you show boys how smart you are, the boys will reject you.” I’m sure that was devastating to many of them. What was I told? “If you show white people how smart you are, they will kill you.”

Good Lord. Sorry, but First Chakra (survival) trumps second and fourth chakra (sex and emotion) by a country mile. That is seriously fucked up.

And yet in order to reach my goals, I had to be express as close to 100% of my capacity as possible. What a conflict. No wonder I buried it.
Another note on the cost of being black. I think a great number of people would think (although possibly not say publicly, but then I have no sense) that Barack Obama is remarkable, but MORE remarkable for a black man than he would be for a white man. Yeah, I think so. But the differential between those two is exactly the price paid, or the weight carried, by the average black person in America. Obama, being African rather than the descendant of slaves, knows his name, country of origin, language of origin, and faith of his fathers—even if he rejects it. He has visited the village his people came from.

Remember “Roots” and the fantastic outpouring of cultural energy attendant? It dissolved the wall between black Americans and their past. It said “we came from somewhere” and told, in somewhat fictionalized form, perhaps (after a literal mountain of research on Haley’s part—I have personal knowledge of this) the story of a man who managed to, for almost the first time in American History, pierce the veil used to cripple three hundred years, ten-fifteen generations of people to keep them in physical or emotional bondage. A fantastic, incredible, almost inconceivable amount of energy, released in a literary phenomenon.

When a martial artist begins to sense that he and his opponent are one being, he reaches an entirely new level of efficiency…and deadliness. Aikido is built on this. The only problem with Aikido practitioners is that they try to avoid violence, unable to resolve the apparent duality of violence and peace. Ueshiba had no such problems, I promise you.

To find peace, you travel to the center of the storm.

Sigh. This is rambling a bit, but then there are no direct words for what I’m trying to say.
Meditate. Connect breath and visualization and heartbeat to the “Hara” or “Tan Tien” or “Muladhara”, the point two inches below the navel and three inches in. Move from there. Breathe from there. Learn to “Be Breathed” and to express “Perpetual Exercise” from this point. With every step you take, connect to this point.

Notice that when you are fearful, or angry, it becomes more difficult to keep this focus. Regain it. In meditation, go so deeply into it that your flesh and bones melt away. In yoga, follow the breathing there, and release all tensions from the body. In sparring, release the conscious mind and allow the body to express itself, and then release attachment to the results, even at the cost of your own life.

Death comes to everyone. And everything. Don’t wait until you die to gain the greatest gift life has to offer.

Those who think there is some great difference between black and white, Liberal and Conservative, Christian and Muslim, American and non-American, Men and Women, are stealing energy from themselves, congealing it and using it to build ego walls that become prisons.

It is, in the grand phrase from “Terminator 2”, “delusional architecture.” Tear down those walls and free the Force.

In life, you can have a shell, or a spine. The ego fear is that if you tear down the walls, you will be hurt.

Only if you’ve never found your spine. Only if you’ve never found your core. Only if you believe that the “you” that whispers to you is a real thing.

You are not the voices in your head. You are the one listening to the voices. Even more correctly, there is no “you” there is only Jowk.

Infants come from the jowk. And to jowk we return in death. And if you can only get the joke, and wake up, you can gain all the power you lost protecting yourself from fear, while there is still time to play this wonderful game. It is not a game for children, or those who need to remain asleep. There is nothing requiring more courage or clarity.

There is nothing better to do with the days of our lives.

And finally, there is nothing.

This nothing is Everything.


Anonymous said...

Reading yesterday, I came across several comments from women about how they were told “if you show boys how smart you are, the boys will reject you.” I’m sure that was devastating to many of them. What was I told? “If you show white people how smart you are, they will kill you.”

Good Lord. Sorry, but First Chakra (survival) trumps second and fourth chakra (sex and emotion) by a country mile. That is seriously fucked up.

Hands down, I grant you the truth of what you say. But the news tells me that one is more likely to be killed for being a woman than being black (except in Africa where there is a genocide going on against blacks of both sexes.)

There is a rather "underground" view that says that little girls are instinctively flirty because they know on that level that if they aren't they will be killed. Worldwide, far more females are aborted and infants killed than males. Usually does not happen in USA with whites or blacks, but all those all those Chinese girls who are adopted here probably would have been killed.

On a more close-to-home note, smart and dumb women are killed everyday by their mates. Go figure. I suspect that black men are more secure from their mate.

The idea that you kill it if it scares you is still out there. I am aware everyday that Obama or Clinton may be shot because of race and gender, and no such thought goes through my head for Edwards, McCain, Huckabee, etc. Ron Paul was supposedly the topic of an internal Bush administration white paper about whether he "should" be assassinated. That comes from the conspiracy side of the web.

Steven Barnes said...

I'm not aware of women who are afraid Hillary might be assassinated. I've heard such fears expressed over a hundred times about Obama.
The crimes of violence against women are inexcusible. Period. But blacks (and men) are far more likely to die violently, than are women. Whatever the levels of violence against women, it doesn't appreciably impact their overall survival stats: they outlive men everywhere.

Now, then--you might well answer that blacks are being killed by other blacks (most often) and men are being killed by other men, while women are being killed by men. Men, in other words, are instigators of most of the violence. And you'd be right. But that's a slightly different topic--excuses nothing, but a slightly different topic, having to do with the nature and origins of violence within and between individuals and groups.

Anonymous said...

steven . . . one of my blog readers felt a similarity in the topics we're writing about, suggested i come over and take a peek for myself . . . i guess she's referring to how much i've been writing about death, and possibly picking up that i've been looking deeply into racism, sexism, and other issues that turn beings into objects for use and profit . . . are you familiar with derrick jensen? i'm working my way thru his books, am on "culture of make believe" right now. and just finished watching all of the episodes up to date of the new sci fi channel's battlestar gallactica, which is blaringly about racism. how more obvious than to call the cylons "toasters"? your own writing looks really interesting too . . .now that i've been on the BG kick :), though i was a big fan of jose farmer, heinlein, legunn . . . be well . . . :) kate

B the II said...

Here's something i left on a discussion list:
John, take that tax talk to my new thread . . . i'll cut an paste what you wrote, and comment on it.

Here's why i am and think you (and everyone) should vote for Obama:

At least internally, he's resolved what many of us see as dualities. It sounds like to him there is no race, gender or class, despite the media attention and pigeonholing of democratic candidates into race (Obama), gender (Hillary) and class (Edwards) [and isn't that ironic that we have(d) all three discussions in our face and didn't know to comment on that].

Obama seems to have touched what it is to be human. He seems to know what it is to have your heart broken because of chance, racism, happenstance, economics and gender. When he talks, he talks to the core of what it is to be human. He's not thinking of you, me and others as individuals with different shades and shapes, he's talking to the fact that we're cut from the same cloth. He takes into account that after years, decades and centuries of injustice, still we live and toil. He talks to humans of what is possible for humanity and mankind [and possibilities create opportunities for action]. And i think that what he talks about is a reflection of his thoughts. He speaks hope. He is hope.

I'm somewhat hesitant to say it but . . . him being in the political arena, he's playing a game that's beneath him. He's Plato's philosopher-king, Rand's Galt and Neo after the Oracle. His true voice would probably be found, mined, smelted and formed in the halls of academia, but since philosophy has been so long divorced from politics, his craft and words would fall on deaf ears. So he's doubly equipped as a philosophical non-dualist clashing swords in the halls of academia and an expert in the game of politics clashing in the halls of congress. You'll not find another benevolent warrior-king inside the world of politics since Ghengis Khan and perhaps Mansa Musa.

When i argue with people who've known me for a while, I tell them that every four or five years i get a new paradigm. I've been afrocentric, socialist, capitalist and perhaps a few shades of other stuff. My problem was that many times, these paradigms for me would be an intellectual exercise, rather than something that spoke from my Being, both as a human, and as a blackman. But for the last couple years, since i have distinguished this, i've grown to know an cherish how to speak from my experience as a human, and occassionally managed to talk to others in terms of their experiences as humans too. And i'm no master, i falter. Obama is a master, and he falters too.

It seems like for Obama, the unrelenting aspiration for the expression of love and fairness in the lives of everyone is the only life he wants to live, not a dog-and-pony show for votes. I can't help but support that. This is in stark contrast to Hillary who emotes some of this on cue and Edwards who really feels it, but isn't it. Shit, i even like McCain. McCain has the same qualities that i describe in Obama, but living his life in the machiavellian world of politics (as an honorable politicisan, not the derogatory intonation that we think of today) McCain is anchored in this realm of passion for love and fairness, but as a ship, not as an anchor. Obama is the anchor, the mooring of hope.

So for me, at least, not voting for Obama and the hope that he exudes, exhorts and represents would be perhaps the most traitorous thing i could do as a human.

Hope for President

Okay, that's not why you should vote for Obama, but why i am. And i hope that looking through the particular glasses that i look through in life, you'll start to see what it is about Obama that i know you feel, but just can't distinguish.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I do not dispute that black men are targets. It is frightening. I hear some, not much, thank goodness, violent talk from white, dumb-fuck males (hope this doesn't offend you, but that's how I see them). I think I hear less of it than really happens, because in that social setting, I am the one who can lower the hammer and kick people out. I know very few of these people, but since they are 100% of the representation of that demographic, what am I to think? Two years ago, I had to ban one from my place.

That said, I think Hillary is a target. I have read that she should just be shot. I have heard it from one of the dumb-fucks I mentioned earlier. A week or so ago, I was following some links and links of links on and came there is lots of talk of "Kill Hill". Google "Kill Hillary" and "Kill Hill." I only had time to find a few of them tonight, and I really don't want to keep looking, but if you want me to I will. Check these out:
The Last one just has it in for everyone.

Every woman I know fears personal violence on a day to day basis. I don't fear the men in my life, but I do fear some of the men who pass me on the street. I am afraid of parking garages and other isolated areas.

I have seen no studies on women killed by their mates (for lack of a better inclusive word), but I read about it all the time.

Like I said, I do not doubt what you say, but I think that I am talking about First Chakra (survival), too, for women.

My question for you and anyone else is: how do we stop this?

Daniel Keys Moran said...

Some highlights ...

Men are eight times likelier than a woman to commit murder, and four times likelier than a woman to be murdered.

Only five percent of men are killed by their wife/girlfriend/SO. 30% of female homicids are committed by the husband/boyfriend/SO.

Among children murdered by their parents, women account for 29%, men for 31%. Among children murdered by non-parents, 80% are killed by men.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan, for the sad statistics, and the link to the source. I do appreciate it.

Nancy Lebovitz said...

Is good crowd energy from collapsing irrelevent differences different from bad crowd energy from giving up good sense and/or good will?

The next two paragraphs are a ramble on the subject. I like Obama and think the energy he's raising is solidly in the harmless-to-good range.

It occurs to me that for a lot of people, becoming part of an ill-willed or destructive crowd is also a sort of unification. A lot of people have rules more than compassion, so detaching from the rules makes them feel more connected to what they want.

I've heard of a study of what people said it was like to be part of a mob-- typically they said it was like being an animal or a god.

In re the difficulties people have losing weight: if the emotional side is resolved, do people develop lower set-points or do they become willing to tolerate eating less and exercising more than their easy default?

I've worked some with breathing and my center point. There's been some improvement, but at this point, what I'm up against is that I freeze up just thinking about having larger ambitions for a better life.

One thing I've been thinking about on the excuse/delusion front is that if I couldn't get myself to do something, I'd think "I don't want to drag myself through life" and quit trying. In some ways, this is a legitimate self-protective impulse, but I need to find better motivation (and possibly better goals) instead of giving up.

Thank you for making a place where I can talk about these things.

Steven Barnes said...

How can we stop the violence? By resolving the violence within our own hearts, and then being warrior/healers in the world, unafraid of speaking our truth, committed to dying rather than allowing innocents to be harmed. And then living with such passion that every sane human being can see the light. And remembering: logically, you CAN'T remove every piece of dirt from your house...but you can keep the kids from sneezing. We must turn the light on our own darkness, and have zero tolerance for lies and the harming of innocents. We must return women to their natural position of both nurturers and deadly predators. Every female animal on the planet knows how to defend herself as well as the male of its species. Men are as afraid of death as women. Remember these things. Accept that death comes to all, and REFUSE to be treated as less than you are. Ally yourself with those who see the truth: there are more good people than bad. And accept that we will take a few losses. Refuse to let the media, or political whores, convince you that there vast and unbridgible differences between polarities--this is how rulers control the people. Fuck that shit.
We are many, and One, at the same time.

Rory said...

Riddle me this, old friend: in a presidential race, how do you weigh the candidate's stance on the issues versus the candidate's abilities?
Every election year I print out a list of stances on issues, remove the names, hilight the ones I agree with, count the results (this year the highest was 5 of 13, and that candidate won't make the primary)...
Where do you vote if the candidate you most respect and admire as a leader and a person disagrees with you on almost every issue?


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