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Friday, August 10, 2007

Flavor Flav?

Can anyone out there tell me exactly what Flavor Flav's talent is? Does he sing? Dance? Rap? Play an instrument? Produce music? I'm honestly unclear on the root source of his "celebrity"...

A picture of Nicki and her boyfriend Michael at ComicCon. They were being Hogwarts students, and apparently the crowd appreciated 'em. Prejudiced, of course, but I think she's adorable. And Mike's a good guy. As long as he makes her happy, I'll let him live.

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Anonymous said...

He is what is known as a "Hype Man" he got the crowd going and would add some comic levity to the deep lyrics of public enemy. Also from what I understand he can play roughly 15 intstruments from guitar to piano to drums to oboe.