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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Good IF questions

"That means that there is a tremendous amount of anecdotal as well as experimental and theoretical and historical information"__Any good links or journal articles to share that haven't been posted already about IF?”

All the links I have, I found by typing “IF” into a search engine.

“Saves at least 1 hour of sleep a day."__This I'm unclear on. How does IF save 1 houre of sleep a day? What am I missing?”

Some research hints that fasting sleep is deeper and more efficient. People were sleeping less.
“Two questions: __If the key factor in IF and CR is hunger itself, as at least some of the research would seem to suggest, mightn't taking a supplement such as hoodia to squelch the hunger be counterproductive?”

My guess is “non-optimal” rather than counterproductive. And I anticipate using it during a “break-in” period, actually. Even without the extreme hunger (and Hoodia takes the edge off nicely), you are emptying the gut and training the body to work off fats rather than sugars. It definitely “helps” the discipline along, but I’ve been shocked at how automatic many eating behaviors are. And unless you positively CRAM your stomach on eating day, you’re taking in somewhat less food overall. Hunger is definitely sharper, and my tolerance for unhealthy food is just vanishing.
So my guess is that Hoodia might cut the positive benefits by maybe 25-30%. But time will tell…I don’t plan on using it forever.


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