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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


An odd change of topics, but I was wondering if anyone out there is like me in a particular regard: when I think back on ladies who have shared intimate space with me, what I tend to remember is not sex, but kissing.  The specific feel and taste and motion of mouths…yum.

For some reason, this always looms hugely in my memory.  In fact, there is a very real part of my personality that has always enjoyed the post-coital smooching (all the tension is gone!  That pesky “will we or won’t we” has been answered…) more than almost anything else. 

There is just so much that we learn from a kiss (but to be fair, I think that sex teaches us more about another human being than anything else, minute for minute).  Think about it: touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight…everything gets involved.

But that’s just being mental about it.  The truth is that there is something about kissing that is just so beautifully intimate, warm, and joyous.

Has anyone else felt the same way?


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