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Friday, September 01, 2006

The Path is coming...

I’m thinking more and more about what Scott and I will teach at the next workshop, which is our first two-day.

A thumbnail:
By setting goals in your three major arenas, and then moving toward them, you will meet obstacles both internal and external, but the feedback you receive  will be   more accurate about the actual structure of your universe than it could ever be if you ignored one of the three arenas.

By using the Hero’s Journey to understand the basic resources and challenges ahead, and the Chakras to understand ancient models of the evolution of human energy, we can create a series of pretty conservative, sane principles in an area of life plagued by charlatainism.  In other words—we’re teaching tools, and then setting people free. At the very least, they will have clear goals, and know how to turn off the voices in their heads (a gift of physical flow).

The specific flow tool we’re using is Coach Sonnon’s “FlowFit.”  I’ll be honest here.  My first contact with FlowFit was during the Maui Writer’s Conference, almost exactly a year ago. I practiced it for 15-20 minutes a day, and found the results to be comparable to 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga.  Unreal.

Flowfit provides all basic fitness components in less than an hour a week, and that ain’t bad. But it also helps dissolve the chains of emotional tension that lock negative feelings into our bodies.  Dissolving these chains is one of the ways that yoga, tai chi, and Sufi Dancing accelerate personal evolution.

In addition, it also has an aerobic effect that allows us to approach the revolutionary “Fear Removal” exercise—again, a gift of Coach Sonnon.
Now, given the above (and I talk about it over and over again on this blog partially to hammer into my own head what the core of this workshop is) then where is it all going?

Well, I know that it can’t quite be put into words.  One of the ways I talk about it is when I say that I’m not a writer.  I’m not a martial artist, I’m not a father, and I’m not a husband.  I am the being, the spirit, who plays those roles.  Grasping this, that we are beyond names and titles and activities, gives us the freedom to instead work on sophisticating our very nature itself.  Then we can TEST that sophistication by placing ourselves in various arenas: changing a diaper at 3 in the morning, sparring, driving on a crowded freeway, pitching in a Hollywood producer’s office, writing at my computer.

The question is: can you be the same person changing a diaper at 3 as you are when driving on a freeway?  Or arguing with your spouse?  Or dealing with massive success or disappointment?  To the degree that you can be that core person, and not merely the ways that person manifests in life, you have learned a way to access massive energy in your life.  God, it takes energy to maintain the ego. The dissolving of an ego shell invariably releases huge energy—that’s what the shell consisted of in the first place, your own frozen energy.

This state has no real name that makes sense, unless you have experienced it.  I have, enough to know it is real, although maintaining it under stress is the challenge of my lifetime. 
to the degree that we can, in just two days, put people’s feet firmly on such an illusive, slippery path…well, I’ll feel that we’ve done something worthy of our time, and worthy of the trust people have placed in us.  But, wow, this sure is fun to think about…

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