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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


In about seven days, I'm going to start a rundown through all the puzzle pieces that comprise the full "Mastery" system (who knows what it will eventually be called!) that I've been talking about.  Not gonna hold anything back, but some of the things will demand demonstration or illustration, so at some point I'll have to post pictures or video clips.
The reason this is happening is that I'm putting together an internet business to sell the Lifewriting Year-Long program, and there are lotsa separate pieces that all need to come together, including the ability to broadcast to my mailing list, and the ability to create an "auto-responder" series that sends the basic Chakra/Hero's Journey stuff to everybody who signs up.  That way, I don't have to go over it and over it--those two pieces are, with the "Golden Hour," the heart of the system.
Let me give you the short version: over the years, I've gathered together every self-improvement technique I could find, with the intent of keeping me on-track in my life and career.  About fifteen years ago, I started teaching the "Lifewriting" method of using Campbell's model of the Hero's Journey to your life.  The Chakras got integrated about ten years ago, but there was still a piece missing, and I believe that (in part) that missing piece cost me my first marriage.  I stopped teaching, figuring that I needed to get my act together better,and it wasn't until three  years ago, in meeting Coach Sonnon, that I got that last piece.  Since that time, everythign exploded. At that time, it began to feel that I could sense the road of the Masters, and in interacting with the most evolved people I could find, that sense deepened.  The question became: what is the most elegant way of presenting this? That's important, you see, because I could be dead wrong.  Dead wrong.  And about something as important as personal evolution, if I'm going to express an opinion, I'd better error-check like crazy.
So when I have the Internet stuff a little better together, I can create commentary on the approximately three dozen different aspects, and have them go out to the appropriate lists kinda effortlessly.  Understand: far fewer that 3 dozen pieces are essential.  But what I'm talking about can't QUITE be put into words--I have to dance around it a little, and I'd rather give you too much than too little.  This will be enormous fun, becuase in doing it, I'm inviting you guys to give me feedback on your own experience, and to tell me what you think of the model I've been given (or created.  Or intuited.  Jeeze, I don't know!).  At any rate, it's going to be fun. The next few days I'll ramble on about stuff that interests me, but within two weeks I'll settle down and get more serious, o.k?

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