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Thursday, May 12, 2005

What the (bleep) do we know (2004)

Alternately exhilarating and deeply disappointing, this thinly disguised propaganda tract for a woman channeling a 25,000 year old Atlantean warrior named Ramtha (!) actually has some good ideas concerning Quantum Physics and the way our consciousness affects our reality. But by mixing science, philosophy and psuedo-science so blatantly, they have done the public no service.

Understand my delimma: much of what they say, I agree with, but I don't like the way it was presented, with their talking heads commentators not identified clearly until the end of the film, when their lack of rigorous credentials felt, to me, deeply disappointing. (A chiropractor, A grad student, What?) Sigh.

Worst of all are occassional comments like "Earth is the only planet in the entire Milky Way" where the God-concept has been so corrupted. What? I almost wanted to cry. Marley Matlan filmed dramatic sequences demonstrating how an uptight wedding photographer has created netagive results in her life through her attitude (and I'm sorry--it was VERY difficult to understand her doubtless painstakingly cultivated speech.

She's done better, believe me. To have everyone acting as if she was perfectly comprehensible was, in itself, a distraction.) I wanted to love this movie. I came within a hair's breath of leaping to Amazon to buy a copy, thinking that I knew people who needed to see its insights into the way consciousness affects health. And now...I'm not sure. Need to think about it more carefully. Folks, when you are playing with the "edges" of reality here, it is important to clearly label what is opinion and what is current scientific fact. Cherry-picking your experts is one thing. By the end of this overlong tract, they've entered new territory.

Still, with that caveat, it's worth a look, and I'd give it a "B". Without that caveat, I give it a "D". Sigh.

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