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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Statement of Purpose

Hi to everyone.  For those looking in  for the first time, my name is Steven Barnes, and for the last thirty years I've been fascinated by human development.  Over the last two years, I believe I've made some real breakthroughs, and am looking for the best way to share them.  I'm going to be talking about this stuff here on my blog, through the vehicle of discussing my life, which is pretty much an open book.

To be as brief about this methodology, which is called "Lifewriting", as possible, I have to relate it specifically to my own life and goals, specifically the process of writing, although it can be applied to just about anything.  A few basics:

1)  Joseph Campbell's model of "The Hero's Journey" is used to diagram the process of life, and the process of writing.  It joins the inner and outer aspects of the craft.
2) The yogic "Chakra" system is used to diagram character, and also the structure of the human being--the energies that one must master to master life.
3) "The Golden Hour" which is my daily practise designed to unite body, mind and spirit so that I automatically perform at whatever my greatest level of excellence might be.
The concept of balance is crucial.  And that means physical health/fitness, spiritual/emotional health (measured in the health and sanity of your primary intimate relationship), and intellect/career.  All three must be factored in.  Almost everyone will try to short one of these three areas.   Common excuses:
1) "Oh, I don't have time to lose the weight."
2) "I don't have energy to pursue my actual goals"
3) "My husband/wife is the problem in my relationship...not me."

Let me be blunt.  The Lifewriting method is designed to help you reach your own full potential, but the only way to do it is to take complete responsibility for your body, your heartspace connections, and your career progress.  If you're a writer, this will be perfect for you.  If not, please post, and we'll discuss how to adapt it to your needs.

You'll notice I sell a product.  Fine.  But this isn't what the blog is about.  In fact, I will happily tell you how to find free versions of most (if not all) of what is in the "Five Minute Miracle" tape/DVD, and the Lifewriting method.  I don't make a living selling self-improvement stuff.  I will answer any questions about the method, free, on this blog.

No, I don't think I'm perfect.  I don't think anyone is.  I think that enlightenment is a verb, not a noun.  A process, not a position.  I do believe that it is possible to make genuine progress toward self-realization.  You don't need gurus or teachers--although they CAN be helpful.  You have all the strength and knowledge and experience you need--if you will just begin to tell the truth about your experience of life.

1) Better Writing
2) Better health and fitness
3) Better relationships
4) Better sex
5) Peace of mind
6) More Creativity
7) Greater unity with your own, personal spiritual path.

I can promise any or all of the above.  I can't promise it will be easy.  It ain't.  But then again, few worthwhile goals are.  If they were, you'd already have 'em.


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