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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Love of Your Life

“After searching for literally years for the "perfect" woman without success, I turned to Steven Barnes. He said things I had never heard before. It intuitively made perfect sense. "Be who you want to attract." Easier said than done, but I can attest it works! I'm now happily married to my dream woman. I never knew she existed until now. Thank you, Steve!

Andy Duncan”
Tomorrow I’ll share with you EXACTLY what I told Andy, based on the same fifteen years of study and teaching to find the best and simplest way of communicating what what we all should have learned in childhood about relationships.   Ultimately, anything about relationships that is true deals with two core questions you need to ask every day of your life:

1) Who am I?
2) What is true?

Career, Relationships, and physical health are the three most critical arenas.  You can start with either your health, or your relationships—concentrating on the Career at their expense is suicide.   Relationship is possibly the most generative, leading to the most change, and providing the most opportunity for deep life satisfaction.  It requires an exploration of love of self and others.  The capacity to extend the definition of “me” or “I” to others.  Self-respect.  Boundaries and centering.  Patience and passion.  Maturity and child-like faith.  Honesty on a level few other arenas of life ever demand.

Please, join us tomorrow, December 16 at 6pm PST.  If you’ve already signed up, great.  If not, please do so if this arena is an issue in your life.   If you know someone who is losing their faith that love is possible in their lives…please pass on this link:


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