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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Birthday--Your Present: The Ancient Child

My Birthday--Your Present: The Ancient Child Meditation

by Steven Barnes on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 8:50am ·
(It was actually on the 1st--I celebrate my birthday all month!)

WHEW! I've been sooooo busy, writing the "Danger Word" short film, promoting "Domino Falls," getting Jason ready for his CRCT tests at school, juggling four different novels, working on the breakthrough "Erotic Intelligence" program with Amara Charles, and more...but I've had an obsession for the last year, and today marks a major step in that direction.

The point is this: some of my products are the result of my own thought and experimentation over the course of my life and career. These, I feel perfectly comfortable offering as commercial products. But some are the direct result of spiritual transmission from teachers who trusted me with uncommon knowledge. The blessings I have received have been beyond price. So I am making this course available to ANYONE who needs it. The cost is either 7.00 or totally free to anyone who has a genuine financial emergency.

This technique, which has a minimum time investment of ONE MINUTE A DAY, a basic investment of FIVE MINUTES A DAY, and an optimal investment of TWENTY MINUTES A DAY is a complete basic course connecting you to your internal world:

1) Stress relief
2) Emotional healing
3) Enhanced intuition
4) Energy
5) Goal setting
6) Self love

And much, much more. If you are dealing with serious abuse issues, IN COMBINATION WITH YOUR PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR, you will find this technique something akin to a miracle. Writer's block? A thing of the past.

I've been working on this release for almost a year. It is "generative" in the sense that if you will practice it, and journal your results, you will gain all the self-knowledge you need to move to the next level in your life. This is a treasure trove, what I would call a "living sigil." A "sigil" is a magical tool created by layering one symbol upon another. Well, the ANCIENT CHILD is this idea applied to meditation techniques. Over forty years of practice, research and study with some of the greatest methodologies and teachers in the world led to this moment.

I offer this gift as a thanks to you, to my teachers, and to the universe itself for the bountiful life I enjoy, one filled with love, laughter, adventure, success, health, energy, creativity and contribution. I sincerely wish the same for each and every one of you.

This course, offered FREE to anyone in genuine need, is priceless--to anyone who will actually use it. yourself a favor and take advantage. The dreams you save may be your own.

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Terry H said...

Happy Birthday!