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Monday, March 12, 2012

On to Sexual Magic!

I am so happy to be finished laying out the basic principles for Sex Transmutation, the conversion of sexual energy into success energy. Laying down those basic allows me to start backing up and discussing

1) the freeing of sexual energy

2) the use of sexual energy to increase overall energy

3) The use of energy to advance life plans

And the applications of all these things in my own life, and the lives of my students. I'm being aided in this effort by my friend Mukee Okan, teacher of advanced yogic and sexual "magic" principles, and an all around terrific lady.

First, let's take a look at the question of united sexual energy with our other life forces. Steve loves the model of the yogic chakras, which postulates a series of "energy vortices" up the spine, usually seven. From the tailbone-up they represent survival, sexuality, power, emotion, communication, intellect, and spirit. In other words, every challenge of your life is just another version of the same basic challenge: to explore and master our inner and outer worlds.

As infants, we first learn to explore our world through touch, taste, and sight. We learn what is "us" and what is "not us"--we develop an ego shell to help us define ourselves. This is a very good thing. The trick is that this shell is not really "us." From time to time, we experience massive life shocks that disabuse us of the notion that "ordinary" reality or identity is absolute and real. Of all the common experiences that do this, survival threat is probably the most powerful and basic. But right next door to that is a powerful sexual experience. In other words, sexuality is a door to clarity of perception exceeded only by being in a car wreck or crouching in a fox hole. Properly addressed, can be a key to understanding who and what you realy are as a being.

More to the point, the quest to discover your true identity involves unraveling the "ego cocoon" and there by freeing ourselves from ordinary fears and timidity, dissolving the stress that can limit our sexual expression and leading to a positive spiral that can benefit everything. Energy is energy--it just manifests in different forms or "frequencies" if you will.

Raise your energy, change your life. We'll be back to this next time, but swiftly:

1) Clarify your goals. What will you DO with the energy when you have it? The clearer your goal, the easier it is to plot your path.

2) Have goals in all four basic areas: body, mind, spirit, and finances.

3) Rewrite your goals DAILY.

4) Be certain that one of your goals is to double your energy.

5) Passion is passion. Pursue your external goals with the same intensity you would pursue a sexual partner. Make love as if you are creating an energetic "child" composed of the very best of you and your partner.

6) If you are currently without a partner, make this one of your intents. Raise your energy with self-pleasuring, and visualize/mentalize your perfect life as your energy raises, and as you reach orgasm. Feel your body and mind "sizzle" with energy. And take this "sizzle" out into your life, every day.

7) From time to time, raise that energy without reaching orgasm...that enhanced hunger will add more "umph" to your efforts. "If I work hard today...I'm gonna get what I want." Or to put it the way one vulture said to the other: "Patience my ass! I'm gonna kill something!"

And no...we don't want you to kill anything. Except perhaps your false self image.

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Hospodi said...

Steven. How to craft a specific, measurable,attainable "double your energy" goal?
Are you talking task based? Subjective?
Thanks so much Steven!
Also one thing, over the past few days I was considering your thesis that survival trumps all and I keep coming back to John 15:13 "No greater love..."

Thanks again for all you do Steven and I wish you peace and goodness!