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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Want An Audiobook Sale?

Yesterday I got the following email (some information edited) from my agent, the wonderful and super-efficient Eleanor Wood:

Dear Steve:

I have an offer from for world English audio rights to DEVIL'S WAKE and DOMINO FALLS. The advance, payable on signing, is XXXX per book -- total XXXX -- against royalties. (I'll try for 15%, but I may have to take a slightly lower rate -- that hasn't been discussed.) The term of license is 7 years.

Audible pays royalties quarterly, which, if the audio edition does well, keeps money coming in...

Best wishes,



I love this, of course. Free money for a pair of zombie novels I had a great time writing! So here are the things you need to know to get an audiobook sale:

1) Have fun writing it. If it was fun to write, it will be fun to read.

2) Read your book aloud. Does it flow? Can you hear the characters' voices in your mind? Is the narrator's voice strong? Simply reading it aloud can make a gigantic difference--you won't believe how many mistakes you'll catch. Or how much more attractive your book will be to the Spoken Word people.

3) Most importantly: Write a good book. That's so simple, and people forget that basic truth. Do this FIRST. You'll learn all the skills you need to accomplish this in the FREE Lifewriting tip list. Come on, people! What are you waiting for?

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