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Monday, September 20, 2010

Our buddy Blair is "Mr. President" on the premiere episode of THE EVENT! 9, Eastern,
8 Central on NBC! WHAT- IS-THE-EVENT!!!


gmccrash said...

And don't forget to watch Undercovers, JJ Abrams' latest, premiering on Wednesday...debonair spies, married to each other, who - apparently - are dashing, have a healthy relationship, go on adventures, AND get laid!

Which wouldn't be news, except they're black.

NBC is describing it as an updated "Hart to Hart", and yet I'll watch it anyway.

Anonymous said...

NBC is describing it as an updated "Hart to Hart".

I'm SURE Robert Wagner will be happy as hell to hear that.

Steven Barnes said...


I am pessimistic enough to think "Undercovers" has no chance at all, but would love to be surprised.