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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Faith Fights Fear

I just got this note from a student and
wanted to share it:

Dear Steve,

I'm not sure if you read replies to these or
not, but I wanted to share an epiphany I
had while meditating. (I get a lot of
epiphanies while meditating, since it's,
you know, easier than actually meditating!)
Anyway, I re-read your "A Meteor Will Hit
Your Dog" post often, because it seems
like every time I try to get back into
meditation, or finish a short story,
the universe whomps me upside the head
like Mike Tyson. I don't mind so much
when it's just me, but when my friends
and family start hitting the skids, I
take it kinda personal.
So this time around, I've been bullheaded,
and just pushed my way through it, and
lately I've found the universe is also
throwing lots of GOOD stuff my way,
completely at random. And I remember
you mentioning this was a trick, too.
And (here's the epiphany, for what shiny
pennies it's worth) it reminded me a
little of the Book of Job (ok, so I'm
melodramatic) - but if you hold tight
to God, first your life gets flushed
down the toilet, and then you get it
back again even better, but in the
end, it's really just you and God,
and all the rest if fluff. I've
heard you can't really understand Job
unless you approach it from that
kind of esoteric slant, and that seems
like a good lesson to take from it.
So I just wanted to share that, and
thank you for the advice. Hopefully
soon I'll have more than 1 poem
published, but it's a start.

-- D.
This is spot-on. If you hold tight
to your goals, your dreams, your
values, and find sufficient faith
to make it through the “dark night,”
what you find on the other side is
that the Universe can collaborate
in your advancement as easily as
your destruction.

Remember: "Faith" is belief in one of three things
1) A higher power
2) The integrity of your allies
3) A deeper strength within yourself.

Faith fights fear


1 comment:

Frank Sauer said...

Hi Steve,

this is just a coincidence, but your friend's comment on meteors hitting one's dog met up with this:

Of course, the statistical likelihood of this story being true is nil, but still: Aliens Attack Earthman, but only when it rains...they must get the weather channel.

Frank Sauer