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Friday, July 23, 2010

Back Home...

Been on the road for a week, researching the new books. Drove about a thousand miles over the last couple of days, and I'm deep-fried. But happy to be home!
Don't remember if I said this here, but INCEPTION is a remarkable piece of popular entertainment. Basically, a 150-million dollar art film Or: "Mission: Impossible" meets "The Matrix." Truly, a great time at the movies. See it!

We did a survey recently, asking for feedback
on a writing course, and I was shocked at the fact that
better than 70% of the responses, one way or
another, related to issues of fear:
writer's block, creativity, maintaining a
schedule...then I got dozens of private emails
asking about FEAR stopping people from
keeping commitments, finding a single hour
a day for themselves...fear that
manifests as guilt, blame, shame, freezing, anger,
grief...and far more. So my original intent was to
discuss CREATIVITY tomorrow, but we're going to
combine this with what is more of a core issue
than I realized, for more good people than I knew.
Please join us!

Sat., July 24, 2010, 1:00 PM Pacific Daylight time
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(724) 444-7444
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Your question today:
Every human being feels alone and afraid.
Where do you hide YOUR loneliness and fear?

Me? I seek to communicate with an audience that
gives a damn about the things I care about. I tell
the people I love that I love them. I practice
martial arts. Meditate. Teach. Yoga.

These are the ways I deal with my negative emotions--
turning them into positive emotions. How about you?


Steve Lewis said...

Dean Wesley Smith did a great blog post on just this topic back in December. Here's the link for anyone interested:

Sarah said...

I was just listening to your online radio show from yesterday. I'm relatively new to visiting your site and not checking it every day missed the show yesterday. I thought it was very interesting. I'm trying to get back into the job market after having been out for health reason so dealing with fear is an every day challenge. I find it easier to deal with my own fears because I'm an active action oriented person than I do with the fears of others. In particular, my father doesn't believe that I can do what I'm trying to do. Intellectually, I realize that it is his fears that make him say what he says, but it still breaks my heart. I tell myself that I have to have faith in his love for me and that he will still love me even though I'm not doing things the way he thinks I should. I sometimes wonder why I even question his love for me and perhaps this is my fear of not being lovable. Anyway, I enjoyed listening to the program and will hopefully be able to tune into the ones in the future. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Steven Barnes said...


It sounds as if your father says these things FROM love--not wanting you to be hurt and disappointed. A common thing for older people who have lost their own energy to feel toward children. "Don't hope." Is the message. Don't let that change you, or make you doubt him.