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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New 007 Trailer up!

Aintitcoolnews has a link to the new James Bond trailer. Yow! They've definitely learned from Bourne, but that's only fair, considering that Bourne built on the Bond mythology and might almost be considered a specific reaction to it. Hell, even stole 007s did Jack Bauer. Anyway, the bond movies have lasted 40 years by adjusting to the times, and QUANTUM OF SOLACE seems to be doing this brilliantly. Can't wait. Hey, Dan! Another theater party?


We've got until 4pm tonight to get IN THE NIGHT OF THE HEAT back to the publisher, so today's entry is mighty short. Tananarive is in the dining room doing her run-through checking dates. I cannot even tell you how comforting it is to have someone to watch my back like this. I might even say it's the most important thing in a relationship designed to last.

Recently, I had a conversation with one of the ladies I knew from the Quodoshka native American spiritual sexuality workshops. Trust me, she knows how to bring the heat, but has reached a point in her life where she wants something lasting and real. A partnership. "Someone to watch her back, and trust her to watch his." The similarity of our thinking struck me. I want to talk about relationships in the 101-Day program (note how that number just shifted? A suggestion from Mushtaq) and wanted to open the door to such speaking. We've all had bad relationships. Hopefully, we've all had good ones, as well. I have my opinions on what bonds one human being to another, and what breaks those bonds. I have a question for you guys: what was the foundation of the BEST relationship you ever had? And what was the basis of the WORST?

Is it at all possible to predict which will be which in advance?


Steve Perry said...

Best foundation: Trust and love.

Worst foundation: Trust and love.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained ...

Steve Perry said...

And the trailer is gone already ...

Josh Jasper said...

"">This link

I don't think it's the fan made one.

Worst relationship foundation : thinking that if I took enough care of the person involved they'd be OK.

Best: Being able to trust someone to take care of themselves sometimes.

Josh Jasper said...
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Josh Jasper said...

Darn... One more time

Dan Moran said...

Best foundation: Most interesting person in room, regardless of who else is in the room, 20+ years now.

Worst foundation: man, she had an amazing ass.

Absolutely up for the next Bond movie when it comes out. My sons have been discovering Bond since Casino Royale, too -- we've worked our way through about half the Bond movies since then. (I admit, a little light on the Roger Moore era.) They've now seen all the Bonds except Lazenby -- my six year old said this weekend, "I like the blond Bond, because he looks like me" -- which, of course, made me think of you and all those heroes that didn't look like you ...

Steve Perry said...

Thanks, Josh. I suppose i could have done a search, but I appreciate the link.

Steve Perry said...

"Is it at all possible to predict which will be which in advance?"

Unless you have a working crystal ball, I'd have to go with "No." on this one.

Even if everything falls into absolute accord in the moment, tomorrow is, as Miz Scarlett observed, another day. Things change, worlds move ...

Anonymous said...

Best foundation: The best I've had is mutual trust, that was good while the trust lasted. Now I'm working on mutual respect, I think that trust and all other good things build better on respect.

Worst foundation: I was in high school and that's all the excuse I can give. His best friend said that he had said that we were going out and I didn't see the need to argue. That ended when my best friend said that he had said that we were broken up and I didn't see the need to argue. We're friends again, but we still communicate poorly.

suzanne said...

Steve perry's right
trust and love
best and worst foundation

maybe if I'd paid attention
to whether the Other
was a cvoracious Reader/writer
or not
I could have avoided the "worst"

Marty S said...

Forty-one wonderful years and counting. Love and caring.

Anonymous said...

Best and worth foundations together: a exciting, stimulating personality with a hefty dose of crazy risque spicing the pursuit.

As for prediction: Panta Rei (All things change)

Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

Actually, it's really hard to say what the worst foundation was, because my worst "relationship" experiences weren't actual relationships, but men that I didn't want a relationship with who had trouble accepting my "no." And my most common failure mode for people I did want wasn't to wind up in a bad relationship; it was to wind up in a friendship that stayed platonic (sometimes with unconsummated attraction probably on both sides, sometimes only on my side).

The actual relationships, none of them would I consider bad (though for one the break up was handled very badly indeed).

Frank Sauer said...

Saw the Quantum of Solace trailer in theater last night. Was there to see Hancock.

I liked it - will be interested to read SteveB comments on it, given his anticipation in the previous post. I was surprised by the plot turns, think SteveB may end up liking it more than he anticipates.