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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Morning Thoughts

Hmmm…I was asked how to prevent getting crabby at the end of a fast. I’m still a neophyte at this, but I know that Hoodia, for instance, has a mild euphoric effect that seems to work well. You might try some Chamomile tea, for instance. On the other hand, it might be interesting to specifically, especially monitor your behaviors for the last two hours of a fast, just as an exercise in control and balance…
I've noticed some energy irregularities. Went to bed early last night, even though I had a short nap in the afternoon. And my digestion seemed a bit gassy. Could be coincidence...
David Brin’s post on the Bush administration implies that he is running out of motivation to believe that what they are doing is the result of “mere” stupidity, and is now shading into evil. Wow. David’s one of the brightest guys I know (we went to High School together) so I can’t wait to sit him down for dinner and get him to explain that one more fully.

Me, I think that they have an a priori set of reality maps. This includes America at the center of the universe, absolute evil, essence preceding existence, and the willingness to trade on fear and hate to solidify a political base. Their trust in business seems to rise higher than their trust in government, that’s for sure. And that old devil Military Industrialist Complex seems to be headed for record growth. Also, we’re getting a good look at what happens when a big chunk of the administration has ties to Big Oil.
There’s a theory I came up with years ago that any organization that grows large enough that the members can no longer recognize each other by sight will take on its own identity, with its own needs and desires. (I’ve heard that there’s an economist who posited the same thing, by the way, but haven’t read his work). This would apply to both governments and businesses, by the way. It is just as insane to believe businesses will solve everything as it would be to think governments will do it. Some balance is needed, and I think everyone agrees with that—the disagreement is primarily in what that balance would look like.

But I think that somehow, this vile stew, combined with America behaving in a typical two-dimensional fashion post 9/11 (I mean typical for ANYONE who’s been attacked, not typical for America) and playing “follow the leader” created an absolute nightmare. Combine this with the fact that Bush is barely competent as a chief executive, and you have a situation where the emperor not only has no clothes, but seems determined to wag his penis at the world and expect them to bow in shock and awe. Evil? I don’t think so. But since these guys seem to believe in absolutes, I’ll say that if I was of their mind set, yes, I would think them evil.

Even if they started the war to get Iraqi oil, it’s possible that in their hearts they just believe they’re doing what America wants and needs. Of course, the fact that these actions put money in their and their friend’s pockets is an accidental by-product.

Man, the Cheney situation is a perfect example. No, I don’t think there is a “smoking gun” proving he is a Halliburton mole. Hell, there doesn’t need to be. Any deals were made on golf courses and over brandy at the club. He would enter the Bush administration (after nominating himself), and work to steer mucho business their way. After he leaves the administration, he will be fully, completely taken care of for life. Nothing on paper. Nothing prosecutable. Right out in plain sight. Plenty of no-bid contracts, and nothing but an “understanding” to tie it all together. That’s the way to do something like this.

But God in heaven…if there is a single piece of evidence tying together all of this death and misery… I just don’t want to go further in my thoughts in a public forum. Let’s just say that I think America let the Fox (network) guard the hen house.
That Obama attack ad on Hillary is hysterical. No, I don’t think he had anything to do with it. But it does indicate that this next election cycle is going to be mucho entertaining. Right now, he has my vote—his apparent clarity on Iraq is a chunk of it. Much of the rest is just the fact that he actually sounds like a leader, a man with ideas and a philosophy. A politician to be sure…but if he wasn’t he wouldn’t stand a chance, and it would be foolish to back him. Saw him on Larry King Live and I think he was tired…fumbled a bit on some questions, until he found solid ground again.

The race issue is interesting, for sure, but I never even considered voting for Al Sharpton or Jesse, so I don’t think that factors in much. One way or the other, this is going to be fun to watch.

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